When it’s not the food, it’s the packaging. In this case, a wicked bottle of Americana Root Beer snuck out of the factory with its label on wrong. According to Luke’s Root Beer Reviews, this small-batch root beer is some tasty stuff, but their bottling plant isn’t doing them any favors. The good news is that drinking upside down is supposed to cure the hiccups.


We could care less about plating skills as long the food tastes good. But, er, there’s something to be said for at least making a dish look vaguely attractive. When inju posted this shot, he blamed the look of this plate on poor service resulting in an effect we’d describe as melty. But, honestly, we’re not sure this plate would have called out to us even if that ice cream had a little more perk to it.

Tbp278 calls this “the most disgusting ‘cheese’ sandwich and rotton quiche.” Is that a French accent we hear creeping into the spelling? In either case, we agree: FAIL!

Look around the Internet and there are quite a few entries in the Most Disgusting Pizza Ever competition. On looks alone, however, this pie served up on emily.beeson‘s flickr feed may just be the winner. No, I don’t want fries with my pizza. Not ever.

Think you’ve had a pizza that’s even more disgusting? Send it in and we’ll post it!

When you’re tired and hungry at the airport, you’ve got some options. Unfortunately most of them are lacking in flavor and color, like this unbelievably plain bagel from coffee-powerhouse Starbucks. Sure, the coffee woke us up, but the boring bagel made us slump right back down in those pleather chairs.

When your next airport meal fails, submit it to us!

This photo created something of an existential crisis for us here at MyFoodFailed. Because, apparently, the Nevada County Fair holds a competition where entrants try to make disgusting cakes. So, if you win, a giant food failure is actually a giant food success? Do you have to eat it if you win?

In either case, this particular disgusting cake comes to us from the Outside Inn flickr feed.

If you’ve come across a disgusting cake that wasn’t actually made by design, submit it to us!

We came by this photo on the flickr feed of petitgateau. Title: Most Disgusting Pizza Ever. Hmmmm… we see some gnarly looking jalapeno pepper, some poorly melted cheese, and definitely some anchovies. That’s where the image-quality fails us, and we kind of have to take a guess at the remaining topping… Pineapple? Unmelted cheese? Hunks of lettuce? In either case, a definite pizza failure.

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