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This photo created something of an existential crisis for us here at MyFoodFailed. Because, apparently, the Nevada County Fair holds a competition where entrants try to make disgusting cakes. So, if you win, a giant food failure is actually a giant food success? Do you have to eat it if you win?

In either case, this particular disgusting cake comes to us from the Outside Inn flickr feed.

If you’ve come across a disgusting cake that wasn’t actually made by design, submit it to us!


When you’re having a BBQ, don’t forget to whip up a couple options for the vegetarians. Cseeman did, but as you can see from this Flickr photo, things didn’t go as planned.

This collapsed souffle¬†comes to us from Manne‘s flickr feed. There shouldn’t be too much shame in a faulty souffle, possibly the prototypical food fail. So we hope that the pffffft of air escaping this cake is not echoed by a similar deflation in Manne’s confidence in the kitchen. What are the chances that the pretty little slices of fruit alongside distracted the diner who got this particular plate?

This is what happens when a five year old zaps hot dogs for way, way, way too long in the microwave. Courtesy of Woody Thrower via Flickr, comes this photo of horribly overcooked hot dogs. Apparently, they were removed early- there were still 16 minutes left on the microwave!

Someone, and we’re not sure who, misread the recipe for chili and cooked it at 10,000 degrees for just over 100 hours. This photo comes to us from Fiesta Farms and it looks like we’re ordering in pizza for dinner tonight!

Ummm, are you sure the recipe called for nitroglycerin? Whoever does the cooking over at ought to avoid putting dynamite in their oven.

Note to self: Do not place pizza directly on oven rack! This picture comes from the website (by way of Slice), and there’s more awful pizza collapses where that came from. Ah, pizza, so delicious. Except when you end up on the floor of my oven.

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