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Look around the Internet and there are quite a few entries in the Most Disgusting Pizza Ever competition. On looks alone, however, this pie served up on emily.beeson‘s flickr feed may just be the winner. No, I don’t want fries with my pizza. Not ever.

Think you’ve had a pizza that’s even more disgusting? Send it in and we’ll post it!


We came by this photo on the flickr feed of petitgateau. Title: Most Disgusting Pizza Ever. Hmmmm… we see some gnarly looking jalapeno pepper, some poorly melted cheese, and definitely some anchovies. That’s where the image-quality fails us, and we kind of have to take a guess at the remaining topping… Pineapple? Unmelted cheese? Hunks of lettuce? In either case, a definite pizza failure.

Note to self: Do not place pizza directly on oven rack! This picture comes from the website (by way of Slice), and there’s more awful pizza collapses where that came from. Ah, pizza, so delicious. Except when you end up on the floor of my oven.

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